I've had many trainers in my life but I must say I would rate Mike with 10 stars! Not only is he a great trainer he also takes into consideration the age of his clients and adjust the workout. As a 52 yr old professional equestrian he adjusted my workout for what I do , he pushes when needed and backs off when he knows your limit! I HIGHLY recommend Mike and I know we will have a long relationship! Thanks Mike keep up the good work!!!

Ron P.

A bit of context: Mike has been my trainer for more than one year and my weight has dropped ~15lbs with significant improvement in body definition, muscle building, and overall energy. I really enjoy working with Mike for 3 main reasons: 1) Punctuality & flexibility - Mike was always punctual and my session; this is exceptionally great for someone like me who has lots of stuff going on and may jump right into a conference call after my training. However, he is also very flexible around my schedule: whenever I need to cancel last minute due to work conflict, he is very understanding and works around it. 2) Mixed Practice: I work out with Mike 3 times a week and each time is scheduled to be 30 minutes. Mike set up the practice so that I get to do two rounds of exercises (each round consists of 3-4 mixed workout - chest, leg, back, etc.). He keeps track of what I have done throughout the week so that we could work out the entire body within a week. He also switches things up so my body does not get used to a particular set of routine. 3) Coaching on running - Mike is a very experienced runner and I get lots of advice from him when I was preparing for my first Chicago Marathon in 2014. I successfully completed the race thanks to Mike's tips, advice and general encouragement.

Patrick J.

Training with Mike has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. After many years of struggling to build an exercise routine, I'm finally working out consistently. I've learned so much and I feel much better (both physically and mentally) than I did a year ago!

Lauren W.

I have been training with Mike for the past two years. He always makes training sessions challenging yet fun. He pushes me to do more and be better. He helps me realize that everything is doable and never impossible. I feel happy, energetic, and healthy. My friends continuously complimenting me on how great I look. Mike is very passionate and works very hard to help me look and feel better. I would never reach my fitness goals without Mike. Thanks Mike!!!

Donna D.

I have trained with Mike for over one year and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. He is polite and professional, caring and attentive, and dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. He has demonstrated skills in diverse training methods and creates individualized programs for all of us who train with him. Mike continually encourages and motivates me to push myself, and to get the most out of my workout sessions. Even when I think I can’t go a minute longer or pound heavier, he inspires me to reach new goals in strength, conditioning and overall fitness. I have never been someone who enjoys exercising; however Mike has transformed me into a committed regular that looks forward to going to the gym several nights per week. In addition to being an excellent trainer, Mike is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and has provided me excellent tips on healthy eating habits and weight loss. From an investment standpoint, I’ve lost 20 pounds, feel more toned and self confident in my appearance, and have a much more optimistic outlook about my physical capabilities. Having worked with other trainers, Mike is the best. I greatly appreciate what he has done for me and look forward to continuing to train with him.

Tina D.


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