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At BLAZE, our vision is to DESTROY and ELIMINATE all Illness, Negativity & Failure while always providing THE “Highlight Of Your Day” experience to entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives through customized fitness, nutrition and wellness solutions as vehicles to improve performance, live healthier, DOMINATE their industry and become more successful at home, at work, in the community and in life altogether. We also aspire for our team (including our cients and business partners) to set the bar high and be recognized as the standard of EXCELLENCE in fitness and wellness.

Our mission is to empower you to live healthier every day by doing the things you know you should be doing so you enjoy the BEST in every area of life.

BLAZE Fitness & Wellness provides private and semi-private personal training, online fitness and wellness training, corporate wellness programs, in-home personal training, nutrition counseling, pain management solutions, and lots more. Regardless of your fitness level, budget, experience and location, we have multiple solutions to fit your needs. For THE “highlight of your day” experience you can’t afford to not enjoy, contact us now and get started today! Look GREAT, feel GREAT and BLAZE Into Success!

Mike Blaze – Chief Energy & Emotion Officer

Mike is just like you. While growing up as a short and very skinny kid, he was often mocked, made fun of, and bullied which resulted in him having lot of confidence, self esteem, trust and body image issues for a long time.

Upon entering the real world after college, he started out afraid, nervous and having no clue what he wanted to do with his life and career. He had no real business experience, training or guidance and definitely had no clue how to enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

He had a psychology degree and some basic fitness knowledge but not enough drive and commitment to do things consistently, and because he often kept to myself and had too much pride, he was extremely resistant to asking for help even when he knew he most needed it. He tried figuring it all out on his own and did it mostly wrong yet by continuing to persevere and move forward despite his many failures, challenges and setbacks and by accepting the help he really needed by working with OUTSTANDING mentors, he has FINALLY figured out how to do things the right way every day.

His life has been (and continues to be) full of trials, errors, and failures that have led to lots success and deeper sense of fulfillment. And that’s why he’s here: to help you do things right the first time, avoid the same mistakes he made, and get the BEST RESULTS in the SHORTEST TIME possible so you enjoy the BEST in every area of your life! When it comes to your “WHY”- whether it’s to enjoy greater happiness and business success, feel WANTED and attract the partner of your dreams, enjoy a THRIVING relationship/ marriage, etc- Mike can help you get there because he was DONE IT himself and continues taking the right actions every day!

As an Illness, Negativity and Failure Assassin with several years of fitness and wellness experience while living a very active, healthy lifestyle for over 15 years, Mike has helped hundreds of business professionals and executives (including runners and endurance athletes) improve their quality of life and achieve their health goals faster! Helping people be more active, obtain great results, and become more successful in every area of their life is always his main priority which is why he created BLAZE Fitness & Wellness.

In addition to his strength training and professional experience, Mike is a dedicated endurance athlete who has completed several marathons, triathlons, and ultra marathon events usually finishing at the front of the pack. He also invests a great deal of free time reading success books, attending business conferences, studying his craft and teaching others how to improve their quality of life related to better health, growth, leadership, business success, and lots more!

Since many of his clients are looking to become leaner, stronger and more solid so that they DOMINATE and THRIVE in every area of thir life, Mike has a higher intensity yet supportive training style which includes keeping things fun, varied and exciting. Typical sessions include a mix of resistance training through compound exercises, body weight movements, and core strengthening combined with cardiovascular conditioning.

Core Values

We operate based on 7 core values: integrity, well-being, authenticity, pride, growth, impact, and excellence.

We always Do What’s Right, Be Well, Be Real, take Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort, Keep Growing, Make a HUGE Difference, and Deliver Excellence so you get the BEST RESULTS in the SHORTEST TIME possible and are able to enjoy the BEST in every area of your life!

We are extremely committed to providing creative and fun ways to serve our clients and give a memorable “highlight of their day” experience each time they visit which not only keeps them coming back but also has them telling everyone they know about us.

We promise to conduct ourselves with honesty and professionalism while treating all clients, staff, and strategic partners with respect. We are also committed to listening, understanding, and being attentive to the wants and needs of our clients and partners while promoting a fun culture that is all-inclusive, thrives on EXCELLENCE and encourages positive living in every way. THAT is the BLAZE difference and experience that no one else offers!


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