About BLAZE Fitness & Wellness

Perform better. Live healthier. Become happier. BLAZE Into Success!

As Illness, Negativity and Failure Assassins, our mission is to provide THE “highlight of your day” experience to CEO’s, business professionals, and executives through customized fitness, nutrition, and wellness solutions as vehicles to improve performance, live healthier, DOMINATE their industry, and become more successful at home, at work, in the community, and in life altogether. We also aspire for our team (including our partners) to set the bar high and be recognized as the standard of EXCELLENCE in fitness and wellness.

Founded in 2015 by Mike Blaze, the company provides private and semi-private personal training, corporate wellness programs, in-home personal training, nutrition counseling, pain management solutions, and lots more. Regardless of the person’s fitness level, budget, experience and location, BLAZE has multiple solutions to fit their needs. For THE “highlight of your day” experience you can’t afford to miss, contact us now and get started today! Look GREAT, feel GREAT, and BLAZE Into Success!

Mike Blaze – Founder
As a Fitness Professional and Fat Loss Specialist with over 6 years of industry experience while living a very active, healthy lifestyle for over 15 years, Mike has helped hundreds of corporate professionals and executives improve their quality of life and achieve their health goals faster! Helping people be more active, obtain great results, and become more successful is always his main priority which is why he created BLAZE Fitness & Wellness.

In addition to his strength training and professional experience, Mike is a dedicated endurance athlete who has completed several marathons, triathlons, and ultra marathon events usually finishing at the front of the pack. He also spends a great deal of time studying his craft and teaching others how to improve their quality of life related to better health, growth, leadership, and lots more!

Since many of his clients are looking to become leaner, stronger and more solid, Mike has a high intensity yet supportive training style which includes keeping things fun and exciting. Typical sessions include a mix of resistance training through compound exercises, body weight movements, and core strengthening combined with cardiovascular conditioning.

Core Values

We operate based on 6 core values: impact, well being, authenticity, integrity, growth, and excellence. We are committed to providing creative and fun ways to serve our clients and provide a memorable “highlight of their day” experience each time they visit which not only keeps them coming back but also has them telling everyone they know about us. We promise to conduct ourselves with honesty and professionalism while treating all clients, staff, and strategic partners with respect. We are also committed to listening, understanding, and being attentive to the wants and needs of our clients and partners while promoting a fun culture that thrives on EXCELLENCE and encourages positive living.


Contact us now to schedule your complimentary personal training consultation, training session, and action plan ($199 value). The benefits of working with us speak for themselves: